Police Recruitment

One of the biggest things that in my opinion needs to change is the way in which police recruitment in conduted. The way in which the service recruits is appalling, recruiting people that may not be right for the job but because they can pass an English and Maths test they are fit for purpose.

Would it not be appropriate to maybe test on scenarios, I know there are role plays during recruitment but after this when do recruits get tested in situation tests? Only when they pass out and enter on to street duties.

During the recruitment and training process would it not be an advantage to test more on situational performance rather then academic. Although academic skills are important they do not necessarily mean that an officer will be good at what they do. Where as practical tests do have the scope to be able to test qualities that officers should have such as empathy etc.

Bellow is a part of my report on the under reporting of domestic abuse in the Nepalese community in Greenwich in which i have mentioned Police recruitment.


“The police recruitment process as it stands, in my opinion does not meet the standard when it comes to recruiting people that are competent enough to carry out work within offences that are of a serious nature. These offences such as domestic abuse need to be met with competence and also empathy. As it stands the standard of front line officers with this skill set is well below par. As mentioned above it seems that the service recruits officers that are there because they have nothing else. There seems to be a lack of officers with a passion to make a difference to victims and offenders lives. Also the recruitment process lacks the ability to place officers with certain skills within an environment which these skills may be used to the services advantage. With the use of officers speaking a second language it seems that these officers are placed in a demographic that does not need that language spoken. For example one person I spoke to within this research has a relative that is a police officer. This officer speaking fluent Nepalese has been placed in Westminster. This is an officer that would have been better of use in Hounslow or Greenwich where this language is spoken the most. It seems that there are complaints of low morale and also a lack in service. But placing officers where they’re skills would be used would not only up morale because said officers are conducting duties they have skills within. But would also make the service a more ‘well-oiled machine’. The recruitment process is so focused on filling places that the recruits that are emerging are of a low standard and are incompetent in doing they’re job. The way in which they conduct on the job training may also have something to do with this. Because nothing in the service will ever change if these new officers are brain washed into old school mentality on an emergency response team. I also feel that some young officers mostly join to be able to have a ‘fight’ on the right side of the law. It comes across that the job is for people that love violence and not officers that actually want to change someone’s life”

Although harsh i do believe that what is said within this needs to be said in order to improve the service. A change in recruitment and training may in my opinion improve the service in the long run and test, equip and improve officers abilities to deal with the multiple situations they face on a day to day basis.



Trying to change the world

Having been asked to look at the under reporting of domestic abuse within the Nepalese community in Greenwich as part of the MPS internship project. I thought in my wisdom and with some pushing to start using this as a platform for other ideas and thoughts that i have. Here will lie all the ramblings of a MA criminology and criminal justice student with a sideline in the MSC and an occasional bar maid hobby.

It come to my attention and with also some pushing that i had some ideas and thoughts about policing that someone may want to listen to. Seeing as i am just what was said above this may be the place to start.

I would love if someone somewhere reads these ramblings and thinks that maybe they may be of some use somewhere and may effect some change.

I hope this blog will be read by someone that does not think i am a mad woman but actually thinks there is method in the madness that comes out of my, and i quote “Massive gob”.

Although i may not be deemed an expert in the field I would like to think that my opinions and thoughts may get some attention and effect some change within an institution that i believe if left the way things are going will be transformed from an institution that we were once proud of to a laughing stock the world over.

All in all over the course of writing this blog it would be amazing if something said on here would start the ball rolling for change.

Over and out